Friday, March 9, 2012

Big Bath Reno: On Hold

For financial reasons, the Big Bath Reno is on hold.  After going through our finances, taking into consideration the new furnace and new AC we had to put in over the last six months, we are going to hold off for a while.  I think it's for the best, but I'm kinda melancholy about it.

I am trying to focus on the positive. (A few years ago at work, I focused on the positive, and it was pretty successful.  This year, I tried focusing on the realistic, but the folks on my team have told me they liked Positive Connie better than Realistic Connie.)

For whatever reason, I ended up thinking about the apartment I lived at when I lived in Seattle for a year.  It weirds me out a bit how easily I can stalk neighborhoods I lived in 10 years ago on google maps.  I can't actually remember the address.  I am blaming Old Age on that one.

I think it was about here.

The place was really pretty cheap, at the time. But it was awesome, because the balcony, tiny though it was, had a nice view of Salmon Bay and the fishing boats that were docked there.  It was awesome.

I could also walk to the Chittendon Locks, which were nifty to watch, but the botanical gardens nearby were really pretty, so I ended up looking those more than the locks.

This might be the place I lived, but I honestly can't remember.

For some reason, I remember that the local coffee shop I could walk to also was the post office.  And they had orange cranberry bread that I LOVED and tried to make in my bread maker and utterly failed.

This whole post is pretty disjointed.  Sorry ya'll.  Happy March and don't forget to turn your clocks this week (for those of you in locales that do that).


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