Monday, May 9, 2011

The Big Reveal (part I)

OK, I have dilly dallied long enough on showing off some kitchen pictures.  Before you scroll down, please keep in mind a few things:

  1. I need to figure out how to better operate my camera.
  2. I need a new white shiny stove
  3. I need to figure out what to do about my backsplash
I'm a bit nervous about this, even if the pictures were good, but here we go:

Here's a view from behind the breakfast bar.  You can see most of the work area, and all the appliances.  I picked a really dark cabinet (Kaffe stain from Kraftmaid which I fell completely in love with), which dictated a lot of the other finish choices.   You can also see I am keeping up with the red and white accessories theme.

The view from in between the breakfast bar and the coffee bar.  You can see the whole bank of windows in this room, which I agonized over and measured and basically spent like 2 weeks trying to figure out what I wanted there.  I definitely wanted the 3 over 1 grills, since that's traditional to the style of house, and the original windows were that style.  I wanted it to feel like the kitchen belonged to the house, so the dark woods and windows should help with that.  

You can also see the glass cabinets above the windows.  I have all white things in those, because you can actually see them without lighting the insides of the cabinets.  Perhaps I'll do that someday, but I really wanted glass fronts and I wanted them somewhere they would look pretty but not get too smudged up or filled with things that would look messy.  Fortunately, the new kitchen is plenty big enough to have some extra cabinets for pretty stuff.  Also, all of the cabinets are 42"high and reach all the way to the ceiling.  Jeff says this is imposing.  

The breakfast bar.  Behind the far chair is a door and sidelight that will eventually open onto a deck.  Contractor-father-in-law is there today with some big pieces of wood, so hopefully that will turn into something soon.  I need taller stools for here, since these are cabinet not bar height, but they came with the house and matched the cabinets and blended ok with the existing furniture.  So I'm over it for now.

Here's a little view of the corner where all of my baking stuff lives.  Have I told you guys how I organized everything?  If not, I'll try to do that another time.  You can revel in my complete battiness and obsessive compulsive nature.

And of course, you've already seen the office wall which is behind the breakfast bar.  To the right, the door to the deck.  To the left, opening into the dining room. I also obsessed about these windows, incidentally.  I mentioned in a comment that I had the electrician put the outlets higher than the desks, too, so we could more easily plug things in.  Woot! 

This is what it looked like outside over the winter.  Hooray for spring.  It's much warmer and greener now.

The layout sketch I made to get husbandly approval before we started construction.  (You can see that we nixed the prep sink because it was so close to the regular sink, and also went with bar height and not table hight for the breakfast bar.  The fridge is bumped over a bit, too.)  

I'm super super happy with everything so far, modulo the new stove and backsplash.  Everything is plenty functional, however, and very pretty to me, so I consider it a complete success.  

*whew*  That was long! 


Blake said...

You have nothing to be nervous about because the house is looking great! The kitchen is neat and lovely, and the chairs look beautiful. The office space is very organized and conducive to working. Its modern style works with its interior.

Blake Mitchell

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