Friday, May 6, 2011


So what do you guys thing of this backsplash tile?

I am kind of struggling about the whole backsplash thing, and so for now we have none.  That's really fine, since it's not really super critical.

Originally, I was desperate for these tiles, but they don't really seem to go with the vibe the kitchen has now that things are installed.

My issue is that everything is very stately in the new kitchen and the squirrel tiles are pretty casual and rustic.  I could go the white subway tile route, but I want to do that in the upstairs bath (which it currently has the original subway tile, painted over.  Wonder if that's unpaintable.)  So maybe the white Moroccan tile.  I can't tell if it's unique and pretty or trendy and will be played in like six months.  (Do people still say played?  Or is played played?  I can't tell!  Help me interwebz!!!!!)

I like the skinny long glass tiles people are using now, but they seem kind of modern and we have a kind of traditional bent.  I like the kind of luminosity of the glass, though, since the kitchen cabinets are so dark, maybe some extra light bouncing around could be nice.  

Ah well, still undecided.  In positive news, we are getting some progress on the deck.  Right now the kitchen door opens onto a railing and a 10ish foot drop.  Also, I am hoping to have some update pictures now of what's happening with the kitchen.


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