Saturday, May 7, 2011

forbidden ladder

My husband and his sister share a family lake house.  Recently, he was up checking out the gutters and looking at things that need to be fixed, because he's the kind of guy who checks and fixes stuff.

He was telling me that he thinks we need to get a new ladder for up there, since the wooden latter that he inherited from his grandfather was getting kind of rickety and worn.

It is kind of cute, but if I tried to decorate with a worn ladder, I think my husband would have a fit.

Maybe we can sell it to the Pottery Barn for $349 and use the proceeds to buy a new, non rickety ladder.    Anyone on the market for a worn out ladder?  Alternatively, anyone want to share some crazy decor items they'd like to use but can't because their partner would have a complete fit?  

(Apparently, decorating with too many roosters is also off the table at our house.)  


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