Sunday, May 8, 2011

Desk Wall!

I have totally weird issues about wanting a desk.  I don't know that I can adequately explain them, but suffice it to say that i will not share a desk or a dessert item.  (Hey, everyone has their own weirdness!  Back off!)

The kitchen was designed to have a wall of desks for the family, but largely for me.  My son has taken over the smallish desk that we had there (taken from another room) so we decided that we needed to investigate different/better desk options.  We went back and forth on what kind, and finally ended up at IKEA, home to a desk that you can fit in any location in your house.

Hooray for my new desk!
The corner desk is big enough for the family iMac and printer and assorted hard drives and other electronic bits.  I need to tack up that cable underneath, so just pretend you don't see that.  The longer part in the middle is for me me me me me!  We have some wire storage on the right for my camera and our grocery bags and the dog's medicine. 

I love it!!!!!
Best of all: SHELVES!  I got to move my cookbooks from the dining room into the kitchen. I am basically ready to sit here with a cup of coffee and peruse my cookbooks, calmly creating a meal plan and not frantically racing to the store and getting whatever is on the end caps.  Oh hey, did you notice those grates with the pictures and stuff?

Creative framing, right?

The wire shelving used to be taller, but we took off the top box to make it fit under the cookbook shelves.  I took the leftovers and some of those 3m command hooks and made an artwork and picture display out of them.  I have some paper clips and some hooks from IKEA that I am using to hold stuff up. Today, my mother's day cards and pictures of my kid.  That whole project was basically completely FREE because I had the command hooks and the grates and some paperclips and hooks.  

All in all, the desks, shelves, filing boxes, containers, pen cups, etc. etc. etc. was right about $350.  Not bad for a 12' wall full of desk.

Next up, I am going to paint the wooden tulips on the left window so that they all match and are red.  My husband's grandmother gave them to us over the years; her husband made them before he passed away, so they are special to us and we've had them in every kitchen we've been in since we got married. I think it's OK to paint them, though, and since our kitchen has red and white and green, red + green tulips seem like a good thing.


Jeffrey Eaton said...

This also shows that painting that wall as the accent wall was the right choice. If it was plain white, with white window trim, and white desks, that would just be too much.

Connie said...

if we are going that route, it also shows that we put the outlets on this wall in the right places. yay for desk height outlets!

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