Sunday, July 31, 2011

Backsplash for now

Check me out!

Do you guys remember this?

And how I was agonizing over a backsplash here? And here?   And talking about trying something dashing with paint here? Like this?

Well I finally figured out three important things about me and my backsplash dilemma.

  1. I do not have the patience to paint fake tile or the ability to deal with it looking craptacular.
  2. I do like the fact that paint is cheap and I can change it whenever I feel like it with nothing involving electricity or power tools.
  3. I love stripes.
So I ended up with this 

I am kind of loving it. The paint is 3 different shades of Martha Stewart.  Sandpiper is the off white, grey squirrel is the medium warm grey, and a metallic called eagle is the darker stripes and the "yum!".  And how great is yum, btw?  I like the idea behind EAT letters, but something about being commanded to ingest in a kitchen leaves me feeling full of guilt and regret.  I probably should have put that chocolate cake down, huh?  But the kitchen TOLD me to EAT!  I had to!  "Yum!" on the other hand, is just how you want people to feel in the kitchen.  yum!

I used frog tape to make sure the lines were nice and straight.  It was totally worth it, btw.  Here's a video 

The husband also demanded that I use, like, a square and a straight edge and stuff for measuring it all out.  Fine, sure, whatever.  (He was right, it looks great and square and awesomesauce.)

The yum is in a font I found linked from How About Orange's blog called "lobster".  I thought it was kinda modern, kinda fun.  I did not think "oh that will be nice and full of straight lines and easy to paint" which I totally should have thought, because it's all swirly and NOT easy to paint.  Yeezsh.  I actually cut out a template and taped it to the wall behind the stove for a day or two.  I wanted to make sure I really liked it before I committed.  

My friend Tommy's mom was giving away a basically brand new, all white stove.  I have been wanting to replace the black and white monster, but did not have much motivation to pay actual money for a new stove.  But hey, free!  And they delivered it!  Talk about good friends.

Now I just need it go be mild enough weather that I can pop the windows out and finish painting the frames white.

In the mean time I am just going to enjoy the yum!  



Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Long time, no blog

Hey guys.  I should be back with some pics of the deck at some point in the next month.  Summer takes it's toll on us around here, both because of the heat and because of the thing where we work at a school and summer is the big time to make improvements at work.  whew.

In any case, here's a pinterest board I did for a friend's office:  

Also, I am considering doing this to my backsplash, since I am trying to do something pretty on the cheap while we work on functional projects like "making the bathroom not leak into the other bathroom" and stuff.

from DIY network