Sunday, July 31, 2011

Backsplash for now

Check me out!

Do you guys remember this?

And how I was agonizing over a backsplash here? And here?   And talking about trying something dashing with paint here? Like this?

Well I finally figured out three important things about me and my backsplash dilemma.

  1. I do not have the patience to paint fake tile or the ability to deal with it looking craptacular.
  2. I do like the fact that paint is cheap and I can change it whenever I feel like it with nothing involving electricity or power tools.
  3. I love stripes.
So I ended up with this 

I am kind of loving it. The paint is 3 different shades of Martha Stewart.  Sandpiper is the off white, grey squirrel is the medium warm grey, and a metallic called eagle is the darker stripes and the "yum!".  And how great is yum, btw?  I like the idea behind EAT letters, but something about being commanded to ingest in a kitchen leaves me feeling full of guilt and regret.  I probably should have put that chocolate cake down, huh?  But the kitchen TOLD me to EAT!  I had to!  "Yum!" on the other hand, is just how you want people to feel in the kitchen.  yum!

I used frog tape to make sure the lines were nice and straight.  It was totally worth it, btw.  Here's a video 

The husband also demanded that I use, like, a square and a straight edge and stuff for measuring it all out.  Fine, sure, whatever.  (He was right, it looks great and square and awesomesauce.)

The yum is in a font I found linked from How About Orange's blog called "lobster".  I thought it was kinda modern, kinda fun.  I did not think "oh that will be nice and full of straight lines and easy to paint" which I totally should have thought, because it's all swirly and NOT easy to paint.  Yeezsh.  I actually cut out a template and taped it to the wall behind the stove for a day or two.  I wanted to make sure I really liked it before I committed.  

My friend Tommy's mom was giving away a basically brand new, all white stove.  I have been wanting to replace the black and white monster, but did not have much motivation to pay actual money for a new stove.  But hey, free!  And they delivered it!  Talk about good friends.

Now I just need it go be mild enough weather that I can pop the windows out and finish painting the frames white.

In the mean time I am just going to enjoy the yum!  



Ebeth said...

It looks fantastic! I love seeing your updates...and that you used "awesome sauce". Somebody is a Parks and Rec fan. :)

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