Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bathroom Love

I love this bathroom:
from chezerby blog
I love love love the wood accents everywhere and the clean tile, especially.  I am more of a traditional gal, than a modern one, but wow!

Apparently they used teak plywood.  The only thing I really know about teak is that they use it for boat parts because it works well with things that are wet.  I wonder if teak plywood has the same properties?  And where do you even BUY teak plywood?  (The internet tells me you buy it here.  Thanks internet!)

Love love.  I am also kind of curious if teak is the kind of thing that you can oil and have it look nice instead of poly.  I love the whole idea of oiling something, but I probably don't want the hassle in reality.  Still, oiling your teak furniture has some romance attached to it.



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