Saturday, August 6, 2011

cutting boards

So, cutting boards.
I hear the plastic ones, even though they can go in the dishwasher, can't get as clean as the wooden ones for some reason I don't entirely get involving wood being kinda self healing and plastic having little knicks that absorb bacteria.  Also, little bits of plastic in your food.  No thanks!

At one point, at a county fair a way way long time ago, we bought a big huge board.  24X18 or thereabouts!  From a cabinet maker.  It was nice, but it had these ~ 1inch ball feet that made it too high for me to cut on without standing on my tippy toes.  No thanks.

So I took off the feet, but still, tippy toes.  I decided just to suck it up, and eventually (due to the lack of feet, i'm sure) it warped.  But even before that, I totally ruined the top of it by letting one of my cast iron pans dry on there.
friends don't let friends jack up their huge boards
So, I could sand it, but it's still warped.  I could try soaking it for a few days and then rigging something up to straighten it, but that seems like kind of a pain in the neck.  Plus it's still a little too tall (I think it's like 2" thick) plus I think I would like it to be bigger.

BIGGER?  yes, bigger.  The new kitchen is huge.  Therefore, having an enormous big cutting board that never leaves your counter is awesome.  So cool.  But even the 24X18 ones can cost over $100.  DO NOT WANT.

Then, I had an idea.  I love butcherblock.  It looks so warm and pretty!  If I were going to remodel the kitchen that we had, instead of building on, I would totally have done it on the cheap by painting the cabinets and putting in a butcherblock countertop.

Butcherblock is basically cuttingboard, right?  And IKEA will sell you some butcherblock countertop that's huge for like $40.
lagan, by ikea

So clearly I should buy the shortest piece of lagen beech countertop which is 25X50, cut it in half, sand the edges, and then share it with a friend.  We will both have HUGE HUGE countertops for $20!  Plus feet.  I'll have to find something to be feet.  Maybe just something rubber.  

This is GENIUS!  Or at least adequate.  Now I just need a friend.


Laura V said...

I will pay $20 to be your friend!

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