Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dear Interwebz: pick my colors?

OMG I just found the best thing combing through this Hennessey House Blog's archives.  Well, first off, the Hennessey House blog is pretty awesome to begin with, but then there was this color palette generator link.  LOVE.

For example, I told it to find me some nice colors that match this totally gorgeous print I have been drooling over for like a year now and the color palette generator was all like, "hey, how about this?"

My friend Tom says I have a thing for creepy little girls, but I think they are adorable.

Afterwards, I told it to try again with this print that, again, I am madly in love with and the color palette generator told me, "OK, sure, hon, how about these?"
OK, seriously, beautiful, octopus, pirate chick with an eye patch?  How can you NOT love this?  For serious!

I am completely smitten.  I think that octopus pirate chick color scheme is basically something I could design an entire home around.  It is intended for web design, but I am not picky because I am actually pretty terrible when it comes to color choices.  

I bet my husband would be super ticked if I told him I wanted to paint the whole downstairs the lightest color on the 'dull' palette for octopus pirate girl.  Still, it sure is pretty.

The prints are from this etsy shop, by the way.  Full of very pretty stuff. 


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