Saturday, April 9, 2011

Failure & Powder Rooms

I am a failure at blogging!  To be honest, I have been cooking for the past two months and my kitchen has not been in a state fit to be seen by the internet.  I'm so sorry, internet.  Plus, it's hard to get good pictures since my room is so high contrast (dark dark cabinets, light light countertop).  I still love it, though.

Today I spent 6 hours cooking.  I am trying this thing where you cook 3 meals worth of 6 or 7 recipes and then try to eat off of that for a whole month.  If this works out, I will almost definitely need to get another fridge for the basement (which has been the plan since the tiny fridge in the old kitchen broke).

In other news, I am making fantasy powder rooms.  Perhaps one of them will go in the space where my old kitchen was.  A powder room + mudroom could be nice in there.

Check out my fake stuffs:

This one is a bit cheaper, but I'm kind liking the pedestal sink.

I am in love with this vanity and faucet combo.

So besides the fake powder room bits, this weekend I cooked or prepped and froze

lime honey scallops X2 
twice baked potatoes X4
stuffed shells X 5
marinated tofu for stir fry X 2
rice for fried rice X 2
freezer cole slaw X 2 (hey, it says it works.  we'll see.) 
chocolate rice pudding just cause it's awesome
i also have all the requisite parts for veggie sloppy joes 

Now we just need to eat it all.  Oh, when I was cleaning out my freezer to make room, I found tons of stuff I made and could not id.  Labeling, folks!  If only I were smart enough to do that before.  The new stuff is all labeled, so I'll let you know how it goes.


Laura said...

Haha, after switching my blog to this theme, this is the second other one I've seen with the same design in as many days. I'm trying another style now, but just because I have blogDHD... this is probably the nicest, and everyone knows it!

Curious about the once a month cooking...let us know how it goes (with the eating, and everything).

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