Saturday, April 16, 2011

Time: it happens whether you like it or not.

OK, guys, for serious, here is a picture of my son.  My little baby!  He's so tiny, right?

He looks totally happy.

Right?  Tiny?

No he is turning FOUR tomorrow.  How is this possible?  I do not know.  Here is my schedule for tomorrow, in any case:

  •        9:00 am - pick up cakes, drinks, snacks at the market
  •        10:15 am - show up at kid's party*
  •        10:30 am - try to be festive and pleasant
  •        1:00 pm - relax for fifteen minutes at home
  •        1:15 pm - put out snacks and last minute tidying up
  •        2:00 pm - family/friends party**
  •        5:00 pm - kick out remaining family/friends
  •        6:00 pm - cry a little and then order a pizza (HOW CAN MY BABY BE FOUR!??)
  •        7:00 pm - stop thinking and eat too much of the remaining pizza
  •        8:00 pm - put my big boy to bed in his big boy twin sized bed and then maybe drink a beer

*At 4, you are old enough to realize that your friends from daycare have parties with all their daycare buddies and you want one, too.
**Your mommy, however, realizes that if she were to invite all your daycare buddies and their parents and siblings and your grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins and close family friends who have been coming to all your birthday parties since we brought you home from the hospital, that would be be like 80 people. 80 people is not a 4 year old child's birthday party.  80 people is a WEDDING.  So, two parties.  

To relate this back to actual renovating news, I will tell you that although the kitchen is still glorious, the deck that was supposed to be done for tomorrow is not even started.  Also, the trim in the downstairs is half deep dark turkish coffee brown and half bright white.  Except that it's like 50/50 in each room, not just that certain rooms are a certain color.  

Ah, well, it will all be OK.  Right up until 6:00 pm, and then it will be OK again by 8. 

Happy weekend, people. 


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