Friday, April 22, 2011

shopping for others

I am an over-researching, indecisive shopper... when I am shopping for myself.

Shopping for others is totally much easier and so I am today shopping for my friend Roman who bought a big huge fancy house and needs an accent color, some carpet, and some lamps for his bedroom.

(The background color is the current color he has the room painted, and the bed is similar to what he has in there.)

He asked for a carpet that's not boring, and said he hadn't found a green he liked yet, but given the other colors he gave me (including the burgundy he said he liked) it really seemed like it fit in to the room.  He was also looking for lamps, but I threw in some bedding just because.)

It's not super fancy, but it does fit into his style of house.  

The FLOR tiles can be picked up and taken out if he decides he hates the green stripes in three or four years.  The lamps really work with the style of his furniture.  Roman seems like a kind of stately, modern kind of guy with a traditional streak.  I think it works for him.  


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