Thursday, October 18, 2012

Lunch systems: Adorable. Functional. Easy to care for. (pick 2)

It is amazing how one purchase can spiral your shopping out of control.

I have been saving up for, and finally purchased refurbished, an 11" MacBook Air.  It is ADORABLE and so far I am really loving it.  (Previously, I was using an older netbook running Ubuntu, which was surprisingly adequate, but just didn't have the full toolset I wanted.)

But now that I have my super portable laptop, I needed an appropriate bag.  My other laptop bags had laptop compartments that were huge and I did not want my fancy new teeny laptop floating around in there.  Enter, the Timbuk2 bag designed for the 11" air
Perfect Bag.  So far, mostly sold out everywhere.

I did my normal thing where I obsess about it for about a week, spending every evening online paying half attention to TV while making myself nuts trying to decide and obsess about colors.  But so far, I am really loving it.  It fits my laptop, my wallet-onna-string that holds my cell phone and wallet stuff (but I can use it as a teeny purse), and my makeup bag, sunglasses, charger.  I am really loving it.

Enter the problem: The Lunch Bag.  

Jeff got me a really awesome little lunch tote a few years ago for christmas, but it's purple and pink!  It will kind of class with my adorable new laptop bag.  So I am investigating new lunch bags. I have found some pretty cute ones, too.

Lately, I have been freezing stuff for lunches in these little glass containers I got off amazon.  They are pretty fab, so I need my tote to be kinda damp-proof since stuff comes out of the freezer and gets a bit wet.  (The main reason I don't want it in my laptop bag.  It totally fits.)  


Lots of cute stuff.  I haven't even gotten started on the thing where all my coats are pink and purple, so I may want to replace those as well.  Oops.  

Well, in any case, it is very easy to obsess about the PERFECT lunch containment system.  Maybe I should perform a requirements analysis.  Perhaps that is too much like work.


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