Monday, December 20, 2010

Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Construction!

Did you guys know they now make drywall lighter?  Seriously 30%, and apparently it's not BS.  Husband told me the he could pick up a 8' section with no effort, and the 12' ceiling sections went up awesome.

srsly, it says this right on the sheetrock!
I am only super exited about this because it means that my drywalling is basically done.  Two days and done!  Now it needs to be primed (5 gallons of primer for this, says contractor father in law!) and painted.

Check it out.

Beautiful Sink Windows!
Transoms / Clerestory Windows
Also, crazy pro tip: want a counter depth fridge, but don't want to pay the extra coin and lose the fridge size?  Contractor father in law and his buddy determined that we could recess the fridge into the wall!  Awesome!!!
Hole in drywall for fridge

Close up.

I think we are getting 2 inches out of it.  I think that it's more like 5 inches difference between regular and counter, but it should help a bit to make it look closer to counter depth.  Really, I am mostly excited about having a bit more clearance in that section of the kitchen.



Jeffrey Eaton said...

We could have removed the brick and recessed it back in the wall further, but that would have been significantly harder (because then you need to build a support for the remaining brick above).

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