Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bad News, Zero Cost

You guys, I am like bad-news-betty, lately.  And not really stuff for me, but bad news for people one or two degrees away.  Here is what happened last week:

  • My sister in law's father died of cancer.  Cancer can suck it.  
  • My husband's step mother had to have her big toe amputated.  Diabetes can also suck it.
  • My son threw up for about 5 days straight.  Viruses?  Join the suck it club.  
On top of that, I had my first mammogram (boobs: normal.  hooray!) and then our furnace decided to die a horrible death.  So I stayed home from work with the sick kid and to get the new furnace installed.  I am irked by the furnace situation.  Partly because I have a bunch of assorted other family stuff going on that is, frankly, distressing.  Also, though, a new furnace costs money.  Money I was hoping to spend on a bathroom reno.  Disappointment!  

I needed a pick me up this weekend, so I decided to go for a 0-cost makeover of the Estroden.  The Estroden (or woman cave) is the 3rd bedroom on our 2nd floor.  It's the smallest bedroom, a little bigger than 8X10.  I had some things in there but it never quite gelled, and over time it turned into a dumping ground for stuff.
Dumping Ground
Not loving it

I did have, however, a few yards of fabric that I intended to be a bed scarf but decided I didn't like it.  Also, I had this line, clip doohickey from Ikea that I was using to post pictures and things on, but also works like a curtain rod.
And I even kept the instructions and ikea tool!  

My husband gave me this old cork board, which could replace my ikea string clip thing.  Dignitet.
Butterknives are official staple removal tools.  Seriously.
So, Jeff was nice enough to help me move things around and put up my dignatet.  Dingbat.  Thingy.  
I got ahold of the staple gun and used it to recover the board with some of the fabric, and use the rest for curtains.  Which I totally didn't sew, by the way.  I will get around to it at some point.  I want to put a block of some orange or teal fabric at the bottom.  

It's not great, but I am happy enough with my 0 cost makeover.  It was a nice pick me up.  

board and desk I already had!  
My son insists on reading his bedtime stories on the big futon cushions I put on the floor every night.  
big cushions on the bottom left

It's a small room, so it's not easy to take a big picture of the whole space.  I can try again later.  Jeff thinks it looks like a 70s den in a house of ill repute.  (He said something else there, but it's not really appropriate for blogland.)  

I hope you guys are having a better month than we are.


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