Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bread! And other things

I have no idea when this turned from a renovation blog into a food/technology/randomness blog, but it looks like it was right around the time of the great structural engineering debacle, which resulted in such a complex dependency chain of stuff, that we have ground to a halt on construction progress.  Alas.

Oh well, with the new Apple news about iBooks Author, I have been putting together a miniature iPad version of my cookbook and beta testing recipes and trying my best to take pictures of them.

I decided to take a break today to try out this Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day thing.  WOW that actually works!  I am impressed. The link above is the site I used to get the main recipe.

Here's what it looked like when it was done with it's first, 2 hour rise:
This does not look like any bread dough I have ever seen.
And here's what it looks like when I was done baking my first loaf:
Dude, this looks like ACTUAL bread!  

The deal is that you make a very low-effort, wet dough and then leave it in your fridge for a few weeks.  When you want bread, take some out, let it rest, and then bake it.  I am pretty happy with it.  I am going to try it out to be naan next.  Woo naan!  

So try it out.  Those folks are getting my $15 for the iPad version by the end of the day.  Love!

My only complaint is that the container they recommend you buy (which looks awesome) is BPA plastic (which is arguably not awesome).  To be honest, I am not really convinced either way about BPA, but I have a small child at home, and I see no reason to tempt fate. Or tempt cancer. Or both.

The answer appears to be "buy the OXO thing that's approximately equivalent".  Really, that's the right answer enough that I should probably just try OXO first for kitchen stuff.

So hey.  Have you tried this bread?  Any cool tips or variations?

Anything you want to share about BPA?  

Hope everyone is having a good January so far.


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