Monday, January 9, 2012

A Few More Food Pix

Black Beans
I should probably start prefacing these with the fact that I don't really know what the hell I am doing.  I've only had my camera for about 3 months and I started reading/watching things about food photography a week ago.

but in any case, yesterday I posted a bunch of photographs where foods were begin directly lit with a makeshift light (my husbands work clamp lamp thingy -- tat's the technical term!).  Today I learned that is called 'specular' light and that if you filter your light with something, it's called 'diffuse' light.  Apparently, the 120 degree direct angle from yesterday is supposed to emulate late afternoon sunshine.  Diffuse lighting (the filtered one) is closer to an overcast day.  Cool.

I don't have a big piece of anything official to filter the light with, but we got something in the mail last week that was wrapped in bubble wrap, which is TOTALLY translucent, so I used that.

This would be a nice picture if that tomato wedge didn't look like an ear.
Everything was pretty much the same set up as yesterday, except I asked my husband to hold a piece of bubble wrap over the light.  That's probably not really safe, so I should figure out what I can use that's more legit and, you know, not a fire hazard.  

Honestly, this still looks late-afternoon-ey too me, so I'm not sure if the bubble wrap is not diffuse enough, or if I should have the light further away.  Not sure.  

A little more diffuse

I should mention that black beans do not make super pretty food pics, and that I sprayed them with cooking spray so they'd look more shiny and pretty.  They look oddly like coffee beans to me.  *shrug*


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