Sunday, November 28, 2010

Imaginary Porch

It was 25 degrees here this morning. My toes have been cold all day. Also, our siding is like 30% up. These things combined have me dreaming aboutwarm sunny days and being outside.

That's months away, so instead I made a pretend porch.

Our siding is this brick red color. It does not look like it's trying to be the brick the rest of the house is, but it does kind of meld nicely. I am thinking that doing a bunch of black & white stuff on the porch (brick, with a brick colored quarry tile kinda floor) will be fab.

So here is the porch when we bought the house (we have a ton more stuff on it) and also my pretend fantasy porch of black & white. The Jack Daniels sign is only on there because we have it, not because I want to advertise that we are big Jack drinkers. If I actually do decorate the porch, I will prolly not use the Jack sign.

I think it could be fun. It really only would involve painting some trim around the windows (and possibly the porch swing) black, as far as labor. We have a little black metal table like the one here. The lanterns would hang from these hooks I had been using for hanging baskets of random flowers that I inevitably kill. The lanterns would be a kindness to annuals available for sale in the Pittsburgh area.


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