Saturday, November 20, 2010

Wherein everything is broken and my cabinets are coming

My cabinets arrive Monday. MONDAY. I've no where to put them. We need the plumber and electrician to come first and do all the rough ins and whatnot, and then we need an inspection, and then we need a subfloor and a flour and grout and walls and THEN cabinets. I am probably missing some steps. It's been a while since I gutted and renovated a kitchen.

Needless to say, we are mildly freaking out, and husband is cleaning up the basement so we have somewhere to put the cabinets. Which is tough, since there are about 10 boxes of kitchen stuff down there waiting to be unpacked into the new kitchen. Aieee.

List of things that are currently or recently broken
  • Refrigerator died a horrible death. Fridge in the new kitchen will be 4" wider than frige in the tiny old kitchen, so we replaced it with the new fridge, which is in the dining room on a piece of plywood for stability. This is important because it takes space away from where we might store the aforementioned cabinets.
  • Dryer had a tiny part that keeps the door closed that broke off. Now it is taped shut with painters tape. Not even duct tape! In trying to track down the broken piece, Jeff found out that (a) we can buy it for $10 including shipping and (b) it is a model from 1978. Seriously? Ninteen seventy eight?!!? Awesome. I am loving my dryer even more.
  • Basement drain seems to have some internal guts rusted out. Husband could provide more details, but frankly, they sound kind of gross and I kind of tuned them out.
  • Siding color (vintage brick) was discontinued and my father-in-law-contractor replaced it with another color (russet). The claim is that they are identical. I have no way to verify this claim, because the samples were taken away. Oh father-in-law-contractor! Why must you torment me so! Fortunately, father-in-law-contractor does not have a computer or access to the internet, so I an probably safely whine a little here.
  • Scanner on my computer is totally jacked. Husband believes he can fix it. I have hope.
  • Big huge rocking recliner is on my porch. Yeah, it's not really broken, but it's kinda ghetto. It was moved to move the desk to make room for the cabinets coming on Monday.
  • Existing kitchen ceiling tiles are all discolored and jacked up, due to random water dripping down from the basement. I hate ceiling tiles.
I have a bunch of projects on the books that I believe will be happening, big and small, besides the kitchen.
  • Big new kitchen. Yeah, that.
  • Big new game room under neath the kitchen. Maybe next year
  • Deck that will be built behind the kitchen. It will be lovely. I promise.
  • New powder room on the first floor, where the current teeny kitchen is.
  • New mudroom in the other half of the existing tiny kitchen. The existing kitchen door opens into the driveway, so it seems like a great place for a mudroom.
  • Main bath needs to be completely gutted. See previous problem with dripping into the existing kitchen ceiling. Also, it's painted subway tile, probably original. Seriously, people? Painting over original tile? Must you wound me?
  • Mailbox will be getting spray painted with oil rubbed bronze spray paint to match the lights and door knob.
  • Wood floors under the hideous but brand new carpet will need to get refinished. I know a guy who knows a guy, so hopefully not too much money. The floor under the carpet looks ok, not great. But I am almost positive it's the original floor, and I think if we patch some spots and stain it a darker color, I think it will be fine.
  • Painted wood trim needs to get stripped. It's so so so bad. But if not stripped, replaced with oak the same sizes. It's really simple trim, so replacement should be an easy option that looks pretty close.
  • Fireplace and hideous fake brick will wall need to all get torn out and redone. Complete do-over. I am thinking of built ins, a new mantel, and a tiled front of the fireplace.
  • Closet re-do. I want to take the closet in our sons room and have it open into ours, building him a new closet over on the other side of his room. This gets us a double closet. Woot double closet!
  • Window replacement is on the dock since we had to brick up half the window in our bedroom for the roof to fit. Maybe I should have put this in 'broken' and not in 'projects' but I am focusing on the positive.

Those are big lists. We have a lot to do. This is what happens when you buy a house built in 1924. But hey, we will almost certainly be done prior to the houses centennial. Woo!


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