Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Windows Windows Windows

Unfortunately, our bedroom window (on the 2nd floor) is apparently too low for the joists to fit. This means we needed to brick up some of the existing window to put on the roof. You can see the crazy bricks outside the window now.

This was kind of a mixed bag. I am disappointed that we have to shell out money to replace a perfectly good window, which was not in the initial plan.

On the other hand, the windows are very low to the ground, and there is no position in the bedroom where the bed or some piece of furniture would not be partially blocking the window. So this could work to my advantage. It would be nicer if we had not purchased new bedroom furniture including a really tall bed last year, but I think we can make it work after the new window is in. Also, the other window on that side and level of the house is one of the 2 remaining original regular windows. It's in the bathroom, and frankly, having an effectively floor length window when you step out of the tub is no great shakes. So hopefully, we can replace them both with identical windows in a smaller size, which will help tie the back together.

In better news, my windows and doors for the kitchen are here and installed! I have the three clerestory-like windows on the side wall, and the door with a sidelight and panel of 3 windows (center fixed, two double hung flanking it). I went with the 3 over 1 pattern for grilles, which appears to be what the original windows were like. They look fantastic! I am so excited I can't even deal.

I'll have another update on the cabinet delivery and fridge later. For now, it's windows windows windows!


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