Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Cure: Week 1

I have been marginally following The Cure, except that for the last 2 days, I have been horizontal.  My back has basically decided that I need to lay down.  It does that once in a while, which you might imagine, does not really help one with home organization.  Also, due to the bitterly cold temps, school had a 2 hour delay today, and yesterday off.  

Nevertheless, I did manage to make some progress on my list, even if I did not 100% follow the Cure assignments. 

  • Clean up my desk
  • Clean up Thomas's desk
  • Deal with the things piling up on the window sill and counters
Dining Room
  • Christmas Decoration Overload  
  • Lego have taken over this room.  
  • Fireplace screen falls overhand is fragile.
  • Storage ottoman: what is even in that thing?
  • Entry show drop off is a disaster
  • Better lighting for my side of the couch
  • Artwork is banged up
  • Need more hooks for robes and towels
  • Need to do something to contain the toothpaste
  • Need to organize the things falling out of the medicine cabinet. 
Master Bedroom
  • Organize my makeup and jewelry
Thomas's Room/ Guest Room
  • Fix up the curtains in Thomas's under-bed reading cave. 
  • Organize Thomas's art work for the guest room, and hang up some additional pieces. 
I also did a few extra things.

  • Obtained a small table for in between the two chairs in the living room. 
    • Now that Thomas is older, we don't all fit comfortably on the couch, and having no table over there has been trying. 
  • Moved a drawer unit up from the basement to house Thomas's art supplies and school papers.  

The Cure assignment for today is to do one of the projects on my list.  I am considering that the answer here might be to order a new table lamp for myself online.  I can do that from my horizontal position and technically it counts. 

Yesterday's assignment was to set up an "out box", which is basically a holding tank for things we are undecided about.  That seems like it might be a bit of a culture shift for my family, so I need to have a conversation with Jeff about it first 


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