Monday, January 10, 2011

Fixing the Reclining Sofa

My husband and I did something super awesome and free last night --- we fixed our reclining sofa!

We have had it for a few years.  We got it at Costco for the game room at the old house, and it really doesn't fit in this room all that great, but we are dealing with it until we can move it into the new game room (under the new kitchen) and it was kind of saggy, but only on the seats we sit on that reline.  Weird.

So we turned it over and figured out what was wrong:
Basically, the underside of the sofa is those springy S things, a layer of fabric, and then the foam that supports you.  If you look closely, you can see that the fabric has degraded/moved and now the springy S things are biting into the foam, which in turn causes the sofa to sag.

So, my husband popped the springs off and pulled them back, and we slid a double layer of cardboard under there.  (The springs came off those metal hooks at the top of the above picture.)  

Here's another shot of the bottom, after the cardboard is tucked all the way to the bottom.  By the way, the spring S things are NOT easy to move, and it needed the two of us and various sets of pliers to actually get them off and back on again.  So, not a walk in the park.  Just a warning.  Brute strength is your friend here. 

Now when we sit on the couch, it's much more firm and happy feeling.  And the reclining is awesome!  


Yay happy couch!


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