Sunday, January 9, 2011

We Have Stuff!

It has been totally crazy around here, guys.  For serious.  

Floors are in!

Hole between dining room and new kitchen!

They are not all totally installed, but hey, they are in their destined positions.  
I love them.  

CabiNETS!  (When I say that in my head, I am singing and the last syllable goes on for a while.)  When we were planning the kitchen initially, I made a long list of all the things I needed to store in cabinets, and tried to define what kind / size of cabinet I'd need for each thing.  (So, pots & pans, 30 + inch drawer base.  Which the hole in the middle of the picture below is where the stove goes, and the cabinets on either side are where the pots & pans are going.)  It was a long list, and when I finished, I had some targets of "need at least this many uppers that are 24 inches" or whatever.  I used that list to refer to after I had layouts I liked.  This is actually what convinced me that I could use blind bases instead of lazy susans.  They saved me hundreds of dollars, and let me fit in the drawer bases.  

Today, I went through that list with a sketch of each wall of cabinets and my list of stuff to store and labeled them.  My husband helped, since he does the dishes, and we defined, like, food storage zone, baking stuff zone, dishes zone, etc.  I have a ton of kitchen stuff from our old house in the basement that I did not have anywhere to put, so hopefully this will help me more easily put all that stuff where it needs to go when we are finally in the kitchen and can move stuff back in.  


Still left to be done before I can use it as a kitchen:
  1. Finish installing cabinets
  2. Transition between tile and carpet (and a bit more grout where those meet).
  3. Installing sink & fridge and turn on water. (The new fridge has water and ice in the door.)
  4. Install lights and electrical outlets and hook up electrical back to the main panel.  (I think the electrician has to do some / all of this work.) 
  5. Move the stove in and hook up the gas line.
  6. Purchase and install a microwave range hood combo (I kind of want one with a convection oven function, which I think may be awesome for fast dinner.)  
  7. Trim, trim, lots of trim.  And painting.
  8. Finish the entry between the dining room and kitchen.  
  9. Countertop install
  10. Backsplash ordering and install 
  11. Build a deck outside of the doorway to nowhere.
    1. The doorway to nowhere actually has a 2X4 nailing it closed, since my child is smart enough to fashion a ladder out of things in his closet and the chances he can open a deadbolt seem really really high.  

I am probably missing some stuff from this list, but I think those are the basics.  I am gonna go do a little happy dance and go to bed.  'Night Folks!   


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