Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Have a Magical New Year

Happy New Year!

This year, I have decided to be gentler on myself.  I'm a mom and a wife.  I have a full time job that tends to be rated as "very stressful".  (I don't want to be all up on myself.  I'm not a surgeon or an air traffic controller.  Still, stress is stress.)  I have a series of home renovations in progress or coming up.  Things are busy.  So I need to take it easy on me.  That started as "I am going to do things for myself, like blog once a week and go to yoga and lose five pounds and...."  and then I realized that resolving to do all those things is not taking it easy on me, and is not really setting me up for success.

So, I have made a decision, not a resolution.

My resolution is already met: I resolved to learn to crochet, which I did over winter holidays.  I can make granny squares!  Pictures coming soon.  I already know how to knit, and I think the skills transfer pretty well.

The family joke is that when the zombie apocalypse comes, we are in good shape.  My brother is really the time to be good with a flame thrower or a sawed off shot gun.  My sister in law is a nurse.  My husband can (in theory) hunt and fish and butcher his own kills.*  I can cook and bake and knit and sew and basically keep us clothed and fed.  I don't know why I find this so funny, but I really do.
(*This is amusing because right now we eat fish but no red meat or poultry.  But seriously, folks, we are talking about an apocalypse!)

Magic Bread, Magic Knots
This break, in addition to learning to crochet, I made my first no knead bread.  I was surprised how well it worked!  I mean, really, you just chuck a bunch of somewhat mixed ingredients into a bowl and wait.  Very exciting!  This one I probably should have let raise a bit longer the 2nd time, but it tasted great.  The crust reminds me of the crust you get when you order "soup in a bread bowl".  I will totally be making this again. It's like magic!

Speaking of magic, my husband does not believe in knitting or crocheting. He has decided that it is actually just magic to him and he accepts that it happens.... all through magic.  We work in the tech field, and another friend of ours talks about "people who understand computer science at a deep level, and people who work with computers but really believe in magic."  I told my husband "hey, if some people believe in computer magic, and you believe in fiber arts magic, I wonder what magic I believe in."

Then it dawned on me. 'Oh!  I believe in actual magic!'.

So with that, I wish you all a magical 2011.  Take it easy on yourselves, folks. Magic is hard.


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