Saturday, January 29, 2011


I have been obsessing about my new kitchen for well over a year at this point.  I have gone through a zillion different countertops that I thought I would use.  Here they are, in the order I thought about them.

  1. Carrera Marble.  So pretty!  But a friend looked at a house with marble counters and it turns out marble does not wear very well and requires a lot of maintenance.  I'm super lazy.  pass.
  2. Butcher Block.  Also pretty!  But again, maintenance.  Plus, I had this idea that I would get white cabinets, and I ended up falling in love with Kraftmaid's Kaffe stain and I didn't like the combo.
  3. Quartz!  Zodiaq has this color that looks kind of like the marble.  Cool!  It's not exact, but it's evocative of marble.  Great.
  4. Different Quartz! Hold the phone.  Blanco City Silestone looks pretty sweet next to my cabinets.  This is prolly the way to go.  Plus, it's cheaper than the Zodiaq.  Cool. Wait, stop.  You can't take hot things out of the oven and put it on quartz?  How does that work?  And why am I getting super expensive stone countertops that I can't put hot things on?  I might as well just use...
  5. Ceramic tile.  Which I had in the old house, and we could do cheaply and ourselves.  Except it really isn't what I wanted at all and my husband told me he was NOT installing a ceramic tile counter.  Fair enoug.
  6. Granite.  I don't know how we didn't just start here, to be honest.  Home Depot had a pretty killer sale, which resulted in us paying basically 25% less than we expected to spend.  My original issue with granite is that I am too lazy to seal it.  Home Depot claims theirs is already sealed and won't need to be resealed for 15 years.  I can probably pull myself together to seal it when my kid goes to college.  Sounds good.
It takes about a month, apparently, to get your granite ordered and installed.  We had our space templated about two weeks ago, and they sent us these awesome pictures today.  They appear to be actual pictures of the slab they are using!  Totally cool!  They give it to you so that you can approve where the seams are going to be cut.
Check it out.  This is our slab and where they are going to be cutting it.  

Look, here is a close up of the edge at the top.  I wanted to convince myself that their picture was just oddly dark, so I messed around with the brightness and levels until it looked closer to what our sample looks like.

It also came with a a picture with all the parts laid out where they will go in the kitchen, which I also lightened.

I also put a green background instead of the white so I could actually see it a little better.  If you look at the other picture, you can see how they tried to put seams together, so that the pattern of the granite is mostly uninterrupted.  I think the only place where it looks obviously different is near the sink on the left, but I think the pattern is small enough that it doesn't matter.

Here it is with the white background, looking suspiciously like the original marble I thought I might like. In a cruel twist of remodeling fate, it's likely to be installed the day I leave for a conference for work.  I'm over it.

I told Jeff I thought the sink (included with the deal) looked kinda small.  He told me "That is like FOURTEEN FEET of countertop.  The sink is not small. )

He's probably right.

He usually is.


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