Saturday, June 4, 2011

Backsplash Woes

Hey, do you guys remember the backsplash I was going to use?
like, as an accent not 100% squirrels

So I still do not have a backsplash. Just drywall and white paint, which is perfectly cromulent, but not super pretty.  The squirrel tiles are not going to work for a variety of reasons.  I'm not sold on the Moroccan tile, either.

I was thinking that I might like something like this.

I think it would look fab with the white/beige/brown countertops and the cherry cabinets.  However, even though it's relatively inexpensive at $10 a square foot, I have right around 80 square feet of space to tile and we're building a deck.  ~$1k for materials is prolly not in the budget for a few months.  Plus, if I had a grand to blow, I would probably buy a new stove. 

So, instead, check out this house that The Style Files showed this week.
The rest of the house is similarly pretty.

I totally love this!  I bet I could do it with similarly $10 a foot tile with only a few and some plywood for like ~$70.  

In other news, the deck continues to progress slowly.  My laziness has prevented me from taking actual photographs.  I'm sorry.  I'm a crappy blogger.


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