Thursday, June 2, 2011

Outdoor Kitchen

The Kitchn blog has this awesome post about how to build your own outdoor kitchen.

It's secretly a link to this PDF:

I totally love this!  I can just see myself outside chopping and rinsing.  Once upon a time, we had an "Outdoor Kitchen" grill that I bought for Jeff for his college graduation, but that ultimately disintegrated over the five years that we had it.

Up next for our foursquare is the back deck.  It has decking!  It has a platform for stairs!  It's coming soon to a suburban residence near you!  Hopefully, we'll have it in the next two or three weeks.

It has been EPICALLY hot here.  I realize that folks from the south are now laughing at my definition of 95 degrees as epically hot.  We're in Pennsylvania.  Hot.  Plus, we had to move the AC unit to build the new kitchen addition, and have not replaced it yet.  Hopefully, a new AC unit is coming soon to a suburb near me.

Happy June, folks!


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