Wednesday, June 8, 2011

White Appliances!

The Kitchn has an article about white kitchen appliances!
We specifically chose white for our kitchen for a variety of reasons:

  1. They are cheaper.  Seriously, for consumer grade stuff, stainless costs more for no added functionality.  (This is not the same if you are buying fancy pro or prosumer appliances.  Those are basically all stainless.)
  2. I wanted to lighten up the dark cabinets.  We have a lot of dark in the kitchen.  White seemed like a nice choice to balance that out.
  3. White appliances don't date all that quickly and I'm cheap.  I don't want to replace my appliances if I don't have to, and I do fear that stainless will be the harvest gold of the 2000-2020 time period someday.  I could totally be wrong, but really, white is nice and neutral, so even if I am, I don't really think it matters.  White appliances are not much of a gamble.
I'm not loving the stove but it's really black & white and not plain white.
To be fair, I liked my stainless appliances from our old house just fine, though they did have a layer of dog snot at snout high basically all the time.  That was a much lighter kitchen, however.

I am loving the retro and vintage stoves in that The Kitchn post.  Very cute!  I can feel myself gravitating towards a white viking range, though.  Man, those are pretty.  The one here has mirrors for a backsplash so you can see behind you.  Brilliant!


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