Saturday, October 30, 2010

Construction is Happening

My son pretty much never wants to get dressed in the morning. About a year ago, we started telling him "Pants are Happening!" We even sing it sometimes. I am not sure if it helps or not, but I do feel like singing "Construction is Happening!"

Lots of framing has been going up in the past week, which makes it start to look like "a room" and not "a big hole in the yard".

These are pictures of the concrete floor for the new lower level man-cave (the big hole will be a big glass door and a sidelight). Above that, will be the kitchen. KITCHEN. I can't even deal. I have this idea that all the cabinets will be in the week of Thanksgiving, and then 2 weeks until we get a countertop templated and installed and then VIOLA finished kitchen. Maybe we need to do the backsplash over winter break. No problem, right! Right?

I realize my plan for the kitchen is ambitious. I am sticking with my original idea of "baking christmas cookies in new kitchen". It's gonna happen. I totally believe it. KITCHEN.


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